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Steroid Group: Ecdysteroids

Steroid Name(s): ecdysterone / beta-ecdysterone / beta-ecdysone / ecdysone, 20-hydroxyecdysone / 20-hydroxyecdysterone / turkesterone

aka: Suma, pfaffia extract

Forms: Powdered extract, usually contained within supplement capsules

Mostly Used For: Muscle growth, due to ramp in protein synthesis. Appropriate for bulking cycles, strength cycles and for muscle mass retention during cutting cycles.

Safety Profile: Entirely safe in recommended dosages. Can be used on cycle basis, long-term

Legal Status: Legal to buy and use in most countries, inc: Australia, Canada, USA, UK and Ireland, most of Europe.

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Ecdysteroids Introduction

D Bal Max Muscle ManEcdysteroids are a group of steroids found in the natural world. Both insects and some plants are sources for ecdysteroids. In fact, the prefix ‘ecdy’ originates from the word ecdysis, which is the process of moulting (molting) that insects use, i.e. the shedding of exoskeleton to allow growth.

Now, don’t get too grossed out because the ecdysteroid extracts you find in products from products like DBalMax are sourced from plants, and are completely safe to use.

Here’s the really interesting part – human beings have a receptor for ecdysteroids. This means they can bind to our cells and get to work doing what they do.

Weird, maybe.

Awesome, definitely!

First Wave of Research on Ecdysteroids

Female ScientistEcdysteroids have cropped up in the bodybuilding industry in times past. This is because early research on these steroid molecules showed that they appeared to have similar structures to androgenic hormones.

This was exciting because – as you probably know – androgenic hormones e.g. testosterone are great for building muscle. The only problem with androgenic hormones is that they can cause some negative side effects when to the bodybuilder.

However, ecdysteroids did not end up exhibiting the predicted androgenic effects and so were sidelined by many scientists, companies and R&D departments in favour of more lucrative opportunities.

Ecdysteroids Come-Back

Muscle and PowerThen came the ecdysteroid revival, and the current surge in research, development, manufacture and sales.

Why is this?

The reason is simple: ecdysteroids might not exhibit androgenic effects, but they have been found to trigger steroid-like protein synthesis nonetheless.

This fact was missed on the first few research sweeps because everyone was looking for androgenic behaviour first and foremost, such as a spike in testosterone levels. The market for testosterone boosters is understandably huge, given the demand from the male population when they reach a certain age and/or they want to build more muscle.

Protein Synthesis is the Whole Point

Protein synthesis is the construction of the base material for muscle tissue. If anything, it’s the process we want to tap into most of all. If you look at the benefits of androgenic anabolic steroids, an increase in protein synthesis rates is often the main one.

Bodybuilders want to build muscle, and lots of it.

Protein synthesis is the process of building muscle. There it is, as blatantly as we can put it.

So, what’s the big deal about the lack of androgenic effects and why is it so important?

Steroid Muscle Growth WITHOUT the Negative Side Effects

DoctorPut it this way, if a bodybuilder could get the benefits of a synthetic androgenic anabolic steroid (examples include: Dianabol, Anadrol, Winstrol, Anavar, Sustanon, Deca-Durabolin, Trenbolone) without the negative side effects they would be do. That much is obvious. All the positives without any of the negatives? – yes please!

Well, on a slightly lesser scale than the brutally huge muscle growth of a synthetic steroid, that is exactly what ecdysteroids are capable of.

Androgenic effects of synthetic steroids are responsible for the majority of the benefits they impart, including protein synthesis. That much is known.

However, and this is a big however, the androgenic effects are also responsible for most of the moderate to severe negative side effects of synthetic anabolic steroid use. That’s mainly because they are a large dose of manufactured hormones being dumped into the body suddenly. The effects to the human endocrine system are dramatic.

Simply put – this is the trade-off. Lose a couple of the beneficial effects that synthetic steroids have in order to be free of side effects, but KEEP the main benefit of increased protein synthesis.

That’s what an ecdysteroid does, in a nutshell.

Are Ecdysteroids Legal?

Steroid LawYes. Ecdysteroids are completely legal to buy and use.

Why? How? What?

Again, it’s down to the safety and lack of negative side effects. Synthetic steroids would still be prescribed by doctors today if they didn’t have such a dark side to them.

Some synthetic steroids are bad enough that they can’t even be used on animals anymore because the steroid can pass from the meat to humans. Athletes have even failed drug tests because they went out for a steak the night before a race!

This Sounds Too Good To Be True – Where’s the Catch?

You still have to buy ecdysteroids, they’re not delivered to your door by the bodybuilding fairy for free. They still aren’t super cheap. And you have to make sure you are getting the real deal, and not being grifted by some shady grey-market or blackmarket vendor who’s interests lie solely in the size of their bank balance.

Lucky for you, we’ve done the hard work and dealt with all the companies manufacturing such legal steroids (there aren’t that many, to be honest) and we can remove all the risk for you in one fell swoop.

Whats even better, we have gone through the entire process of purchasing, receiving and using these products so we can honestly point you in the direction of the highest quality and the best prices.

Where To Purchase Ecdysteroids?

Purchasing EcdysteroidsThe best product we have found to date is DBalMax.

It is, in their own words, “Pure Bodybuilding Dynamite”. This stuff contains arguably the most potent ecdysteroid available:- 20-hydroxyecdysterone.

Not a lot of companies have put this into their legal steroids yet because it isn’t the cheapest to extract, but despite this, DBalMax is available at some very affordable prices.

DBalMax even comes with a 60 day No Fuss Guarantee, can be delivered worldwide for FREE, and is currently available at special rates if you buy more than one tube (it comes in tubes).

Let’s recap. DBalMax is available:

  • Worldwide
  • with FREE Shipping
  • at Special Discounts (for more than one tube)
  • Legally
  • Without Negative Side Effects

Like we said, it’s the best “Ecdy” available.

Follow one of the links below to read our full DBalMax review, or go straight to the official website and view special offers.

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