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DBalMaxDBalMax is a legal steroid which has been designed and manufactured for bodybuilders, for the purpose of increasing muscle growth.

The primary compound in the formula is known as an ecdysteroid, called 20-hydroxyecdysterone.

Ecdysteroids are sourced from the natural world, and exist in both plants and insects. Their role is exactly what you think it is – to stimulate growth. When insects shed parts of their exoskeleton in order to grow bigger, the process is called moulting, or ecdysis. Hence the name ecdy-steroid.

Don’t worry though. No insects were crushed up to make DBalMax. Certain plant species also contain ecdysteroids, and those are the extracts used in the product.

What you might find odd is why humans would have use for a plant/insect steroid in the first place. Well, it does seem a bit strange, but it turns out humans have receptors for ecdysteroids, and what’s more, they have an effect.

Ecdysteroids like 20-hydroxyecdysterone in DBalMax have been shown in scientific studies to increase protein synthesis in humans.

Protein is the raw building material for muscle. Synthesis is manufacture.

Protein Synthesis is the manufacture of muscle tissue. Increasing its rate is an extremely valuable asset for a bodybuilder or anybody training to build muscle and strength.

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Is DBalMax an Anabolic Steroid?

Testosterone MusclesFirst we need to clarify something which confuses a lot of people.

The term Anabolic Steroid probably makes you think of illegal drugs, steroids that are either injected or swallowed to increase the user’s ability to build muscle.

They are banned, or illegal, in most countries now because of their negative side effects and long-term health risks.

However, what we should really be calling them are synthetic anabolic steroids, sometimes with the word ‘androgenic’ to give them the full name, synthetic androgenic anabolic steroids.

Those steroids are made in a lab and those steroid are the ones that can cause significant side effects as well as their significant benefit to muscle growth and strength.

Technically, the term “Anabolic Steroid” has little to do with danger, and more to do with:

  • Anabolism – i.e. muscle growth
  • Steroids – i.e. chemical ring structure of the molecules themselves

The only reason we associate them with danger, illegality, sports bans and so on is because the most famous ones – Dianabol, Anadrol, Sustanon, Trenbolone, Winstrol, Anavar, Deca etc. – happen to cause those side effects and have been legally controlled as a result.

As far as being anabolic in terms of muscle growth, and a steroid in terms of its structure, then DBalMax is absolutely an Anabolic Steroid.

The difference is that DBalMax is both legal and safe.

Why is DBalMax Legal?

We’ve made the case for DBalMax and the ecdysteroid it contains being a legitimate anabolic steroid, but what makes it different to the anabolic steroids that are not legal?

DBalMax Wide

The difference is two-fold:


DBalMax’s ecdysteroid, 20-Hydroxyecdysterone, comes from a natural source, and is not a chemically engineered derivative of steroid hormones made in a laboratory. This in itself isn’t necessarily what makes it legal or especially different to other steroids, but drugs which have been synthesized in labs for medical use are nearly always classed as controlled substances, and as such subject to drug laws.

Synthetic anabolic steroids were created for medical application. When they were deemed unfit for human use, they almost automatically transferred to the category of illicit drugs.


Perhaps the more relevant reason for DBalMax being legal is its safety factor. Due to the way it behaves on a cellular level, it does not cause the negative side effects that are often associated with synthetic anabolic steroids.

DBalMax and its 20-hydroxyecdysterone is legal because it is safe to use.

Why is DBalMax Safe and Free of Negative Side Effects?

DoctorMost synthetic steroids which have been invented cause androgenic effects. They also interact with other aspects of the endocrine system and biochemical environment of the person using them. And they do so with the subtlety of a hammer.

These effects can trigger muscle growth and bone growth – the anabolic factor – but they can also cause several negative impacts to the user’s health. Testosterone suppression, liver toxicity, cholesterol imbalance, cardio-vascular problems, testicular atrophy, baldness, libido problems, water retention, gynecomastia (click here to read about steroid side effects) are all potential side effects, and thus the risk taken with synthetic steroids.

Synthetic Anabolic Steroids are exogenous steroids, meaning they are synthesized outside the body. This input of exogenous hormones has profound effects on the human body, specifically the hormone, or endocrine, system.

DBalMax, and ecdysteroids in general, behave in a different way. They avoid the interaction with androgenic hormones. In fact, they don’t even boost testosterone levels. However, they DO boost protein synthesis rates, which is what we’re all after anyway.

Clinical studies have shown that the ecdysteroid in DBalMax is safe to use.

Why Do Some People Say Ecdysteroids Don’t Work?

DBalMax BodybuilderThere was a time when we would have agreed. The original research that went into ecdysteroids was focused on the fact that they resembled androgenic hormones, like testosterone.

Excited by this structural similarity with androgenic hormones, scientists got ahead of themselves and started calling ecdysteroids natural testosterone boosters, or even straight-up natural testosterone.

There was an anti-climax when it was discovered that ecdysteroids did not have any androgenic effects.

This is the first wave of research that a lot of people are still referring to and therefore arriving at the assumption that ecdysteroids are useless.

What they have missed is the more recent scientific research, spurred by the discovery that ecdysteroids increase protein synthesis rates without the need to use the androgenic pathway.

The discovery not only showed that ecdysteroids are anabolic in nature, but that they are also inherently safe.

DBalMax – Purchasing – Shipping – Guarantee

Purchasing EcdysteroidsDBalMax can be purchased from one website – the official one.

This makes it easier to prevent any customers being duped by fakes / counterfeits being sold because the genuine product is limited to one site. If you buy it elsewhere, then you know it is not authentic.

Customers are able to contact the DBalMax team, either on the phone, or via live web chat. There is a real human being at the other end, and they can help you with everything from questions to purchases.

The link to the official DBalMax website is at the bottom of the page.

Big MuscleShipping is fast, and perhaps more importantly, FREE. You can avail of free worldwide shipping and at the time of writing this report there are some special offers, including one which throws in another free supplement PLUS 2 FREE months of DBalMax.

You can select your currency (and language) from the dropdown, and see which deal specifically applies to you. It is NOT an auto-billing scheme like a lot of companies put in place. What you pay for is what you get and that’s it until you decide to order more.

A 60 Day No Fuss Guarantee is in place with every purchase. You can even use the product and still return it if you aren’t satisfied.

DBalMax is the best of its kind, period.

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