Muscle Man and WomanThe anabolic steroid community is vast, and within it exists a huge quantity of experience, knowledge, and advice.

Some of it is useful, a lot of it is not.

For someone who is becoming interested in steroids or even for someone who has some experience using them, the amount of misinformation, pseudo-science, bro-science and all the other BS can be a problem. In fact, it can be dangerous.

This brings us to what this website is about.

Purpose of Our Website

Woman MusclesEducating people about anabolic steroids, with accurate information is our overall objective. If we can also help people to understand the endocrine system – at least in layman’s terms – a little more, then all the better.

You might be wondering why this is the place to get the accurate information and not somewhere else. The answer to that is in the question. We actually encourage you to read several sources and references and develop your own knowledge.

Just be aware that no-body – not even the most hardened experts – know everything. The truth is that there is an alarming amount of “not entirely understood” and “the precise cause of this is unknown.” in the context of the steroid world, and in fact, human biology as a whole.

The people to take most caution with are those that claim to know everything.

Who Is This Website For?

Most of the articles will be written so that people with very little prior knowledge of steroids, and related topics, can understand.

However, experienced users might learn a thing or two as well. There’s a balance between helping people to better inform themselves, and offering direction.

On the general-information end of the scale, some people will likely get frustrated as they are looking for specific information and numbers…”how much of this should I take?”…”when do I need to start PCT if I’m taking this steroid?””where can I buy genuine example-sterone?”


What Are We Not?

On the other hand, it’s not within our chosen remit to offer precise dosage and treatment advice to people looking to use steroids. And we are certainly not a directory of black market dealers.

Some people do offer that, fair enough, but everybody reacts differently to different things, and we’d rather not be responsible for someone blindly following a dosage pattern which may be extremely unwise for them.

Secondly, we are not here to enable steroid use, or vehemently dissuade you from it either.

People use steroids, whether we think it’s okay or not, we just want anyone who is interested to be better informed, including those people who are just interested and aren’t looking to use.

We are not salesmen, nor is this a front for any other business.

It’s true that we have advertisements, such as the one in the sidebar to the right, as most websites do, but any outbound links you might click on are here because the websites or products they lead to are of the highest quality. And, rest assured, they are not illegal purchases.

If you happen to purchase something from the websites we link out to then sometimes we receive a little commission, which we use for the upkeep of our own site.

See our affiliate disclaimer for further information.

Lastly: a word of warning – to beginner weight lifters and bodybuilders

Bench PressIf you haven’t already been lifting weights for a solid year, then there is absolutely no need to be using anything more than store-bought supplements and even then, creatine, protein and vitamins should be all you need.

The physical and neural adaptation you will experience during this period of time is steep. You will enjoy the rapid strength and size increases that a good training schedule, healthy diet and quality sleep will bring.

To introduce anabolic steroids at a stage when your body is already adapting so much is, in our opinion, ridiculous. The mitigation of side effects alone will prevent you from managing your training properly.

If you hit a plateau in that year, look at your training, at your nutrition, and at your sleep. There is undoubtedly something you can do.